Schlagwort: NDT eddy current testing Rohmann Wirbelstrom

HK 2019 Heat Treatment Congress (Messe | Köln)

HeatTreatmentCongress 2019 – forum for exchange and innovation The HeatTreatmentCongress is the largest meeting for the heat treatment industry in Europe. As a symposium with high-class programme and a renowned trade fair, the HeatTreatmentCongress combines knowledge and practice in a unique way. About 500 professionals attend the Congress each year. This year again more than […]

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Vector – ET1 (Schulung | Frankenthal)

Eddy current testing (ET) stage 1 according to EN ISO 9712 Contents:With this inductive method, rapid tests can be carried out in a continuous process for defects and material inhomogeneities on the surface of electrically conductive materials. The training focuses on the basics of the process: magnetic induction, alternating current technology, impedance plane representation. The […]

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